23 July 2014


I'm still here! 
37 weeks of baby inside me and pretty uncomfortable..

But feeling fine otherwise!
There has been a lot going on, so blogging continues to take a back seat... I imagine when the baby is here and I'm boob feeding many hours a day/night I might get a chance to sit at a screen and multi-task...Maybe!

Here are a few snaps of things going on lately..


Iris in one of my frocks and my shoes (obvs) She is still the queen of the dress ups.

A velvet dress I remember wearing to school when I was 17. It's just so lovely, comfy and handmade..
And I remember the exact op shop at which I bought it, for 50c.

Dress Up Girl again, who has also learnt to pose pretty well!
Wearing a gold lurex top of mine as a dress. Bless.

Sometimes I let her have access to my brooch collection...

My nephew David on his way to the Commonwealth Games - very exciting. He's a boxer. (Not my favourite sport, but I'll force myself to watch it!)
He is one of the nicest 18 year olds it is possible to meet,
by the way.
Just saying.

(And see what I mean about Iris + posing?!)

ARlo is just the cutest age.
And I always find it amazing how they look so little and cute - UNTIL the baby arrives! Then they all of a sudden look like great monster toddlers.
Bless him. He has no idea what is just around the corner..
The latest Hundreds and Thousands zine..
I love it. Very cute and fun. Cool people and ideas.
Gawd that's a massive bump! My favourite thing to do though.
 SIt. Read. Ignore everything else! 

Excuse the face!
That's my 'I'm a bit over it' face..



Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Hello chook, not long now and there will be another munchkin xx Iris is such a little luv isn't she, love her dressing up and hasn't she the most wonderful curly hair, so jealous! You have to stop that gorgeous nephew from boxing! No-one should be allowed to punch that face!! Keep reading, keep putting your feet up, keep resting! x

Sue said...

The countdown really is on now, must be only a few weeks to go. Keep well and get those feet up as much as you can, while you can.

Jill said...

Best of luck!!!

pastcaring said...

Big bumps, vintage frocks, cute kids, and great posing - all good stuff! Blimey, I feel exhausted just thinking about another baby - lots of luck! xxx

Zara said...

It's lovely to hear that you're going well.
Iris sure has got the posing down pat. x