1 August 2014

Friday Frocks - The 38 weeks edition

This was today...
Iris on her first day of school..
As always, she chose her own frock and outfit.
The girl has style!!
Bless her little 5 year old heart.
My local Hospice Op shop closed down a couple of weeks ago. (boo hiss) They had an excellent closing down sale..
This beach seat was $1..
I am in love with these red wooden beads. $1

This was 50c. I much prefer these older style toys - WAY more robust and built to last!!
Cardy in a colour I don't already have..
Synthetic top..  A bit scratchy. But I like it! LOL.
All the clothing was next to nothing in the sale.

Rainbow girl on her birthday..

In other news, my nephew David Nyika, has won a bronze medal at least at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow...
Over night tonight he is fighting a Northern Irish guy to see what he can upgrade that to..

I will be up at 2am NZ time HOLLERING and trying to be brave enough to watch!!
Go Dave!

 That's my sister and her boy.

Happy Days! 


Sue said...

I cannot believe Iris is now going to school, where did the years go?? So cute and so grown up, she will be mothers little helper with the baby? Well you are in the last leg of this baby making journey, hope all continues to go well for you, all the very best! So looking forward to finding out what your baby will be.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Big congrats to your nephew....how exciting to have a family member in the games. And how stylish are you still frocking it up at 38 weeks. I hope the coming days go well & bubs comes into the world happy & healthy. Iris is just the sweetest....such a stunner! Xx

pastcaring said...

Happy 5th birthday to Iris - isn't she gorgeous?
Do you know, I haven't watched very much of the Commonwealth Games at all, but I bet it's exciting if you have friends or family involved.
Shame the hospice shop has closed but hey, you got some bargains! xxx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

No way is she going to school! Really, heck she was just a little itty bitty thing when I first came here! OOh nearly there, fingers crossed all god well but I expect you're an expert at it now, it'll be like shelling peas as a friend once said! :D xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

PS Congrats to you neph! Through to the final! :D I'll record that for Joe, he likes the boxing x

Zara said...

I love older toys too, for their robustness and their design.
I'm starting to collect a few for 'one day' when I have kids of my own. x

Christina said...

You look fabulous!
The Commonwealth Games are still in full swing here in Glasgow, my lot went to see squash yesterday. Congratulations to your nephew!

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Hi luv, just wanted to pass on our congratulations to your nephew David, WOW! GOLD!! Fecking Gold! We watched the replay just now and man was I bawling seeing him get his medal! Bloody brilliant stuff xxxx

Anonymous said...

Look at you so close to your new addition joining your gorgeous family. Iris has divine style, her cardie is the sweetest. Such wonderful news about your nephew you must all be so proud.

bonsaimum said...

Iris looks great for her first day of school. Gosh time flies. Congratulations to your nephew. :)

Vix said...

Looking good! Happy Birthdy to Iris.
I haven't seen any of the Commonwealth Games - my heart only belongs to the World Cup - but very exciting to have a relative in them. x