1 December 2013

First December

So today is the 1st official day of Summer
The first day of the Festive season and
the day my Mum died, 12 years ago.

I think that our culture doesn't have enough festivals. I like Christmas. I like creating memories and fun times and a bit of magic for my kids. My Mum did that for us. She loved CHristmas.

New stuff I've found recently.

I don't like to 'kick Christmas off' until this day though.
(and I pack it away December 26th without fail!)

                                           (more new stuff - especially love the packaging..)
Mince pies with mint-choc-chip ice cream and cream. Coz why not.

I will not bombard my blog with Christmas though. We keep it pretty simple. Decos we like, outings and fun times. And wrapping up the school year.. all keeps us busy!

Happy Days!

Thank you to Bakers' Delight for the mince pies (SO GOOD!!!) and the christmas cake.


A little bit Country said...

I love this time of year too, but it does bring home the reminder of loved ones who aren't here to share it with you. Hugs to you lovely lady xo

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I think you're going to struggle to get through that hideous-looking fruit cake and box of mince pies. I'll gladly help you get rid of them for you ;). I agree, we don't have enough festivals ... I need to move to India where there seems to be something on nearly every month! I love old packaging too, I'm always too scared of opening them and losing the magic. Hugs to you on a special day. xoxoox

Brooke F said...

I think you have captured the idea of Xmas perfectly - good times with loved ones (and remembering those who are no longer here to share the fun times with). I love Xmas and never know who is more excited, me or the kids.XXX

Mezz said...

love the decorations you've found!! mezz x

pastcaring said...

Eek, catching up, Linda. Ahh, so sorry you lost your lovely mum; anniversaries are sad. Christmas should be about those you love and keeping it simple and fun, right? That's what I'm aiming for anyway! Yummy cake and mince pies, mmmm... xxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

It still blows my mind that Christmas is in the Summer in some parts of the world. I'm so slow.