4 December 2013

Treasure Sale, Part 2

Part One HERE if you missed it!

I KNOW!!! How cute is this guy?! (and a bit creepy?) He has a long elasticy dangly string on his head. Why? 

You all know I'm a picnic nerd, right?!

And that I have an obsession with swizzle sticks and cocktail forks?!
Yip I do! 

There was a little note on these saying they are for thawing stuff... Something I didn't know I needed!!

Hand painted.. part of an old skittles set?

Merry Christmas John.

And finally... also for John..
I know we all spent many happy times sitting by one of these.
The sound quality is amazing! John will LOVE listening to the cricket on this.
The tape that was in there is Bill Haley and the Comets..
and it sounds way better than a CD..
Sadly, I think all my cassettes are gone.. I might have got rid of them a couple of years ago..

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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Laura Huey said...

Love this while lot of stuff! That first guy drew me in immediately, it's right up my alley :)
Can't wait for part 3!

Anonymous said...

I could see a few things I wouldn't have minded from the garage sale pic. The clown is funny and I'm smitten for the worn paint on the old skittles, they'd be rather nice displayed.

nancyworegreenstockings said...

I so love the thawing trays! Something I never knew existed but very useful.

Jasmine said...

That first guy looks like something from dr Seuss

Brooke F said...

Now I usually oohhh and aahhh over all your found treasures, but this post I went straight to AAAHHHH! That little blue fluffy doll is just crazy creepy! He has given me a good case of the heebie jeebies. Love all your other fab finds but you can keep that little guy! XXX

Penny-Rose said...

The blue fluffy doll steals the show! I hope John has been enjoying the cricket. The weather down here has been stunning. Those forks and swizzle sticks are amazing colours.

Indigo Violet said...

It's good to see someone apart from me loves those little forks!

pastcaring said...

Do you think that blue fluffy winking guy is a pram/cot toy? He's truly odd! Pink Bunny is a cutie, and all the picnic stuff and little forks are lovely.
I still have a huge bag of cassettes, and a big box of vinyl - I never use them but can't bear to dump them, they represent a huge chunk of my musical life! xxxx

The Goodwill Geek said...

Incredible! It's always my observation that going through someone's old stuff can get us thinking about our own stuff. I often wonder what Jenn will do with my cave of wonders when I pass away. I know she won't keep it all, even though to me, it all feels like ME. She just doesn't hold the same memories of that all stuff.

If she throws it all into a yard-sale, I hope someone walks away happy with some of the amazing stuff they find for cheap.

I think oddly enough that I like the cups and saucers the very best out of all these finds (and the lovey-bunny, there's something sort of sad and wistful there...) because the color and shape of them is such a vibrant reminder of another time.

Sue said...

Oh my what a haul of goodies. I remember proudly owning one of those radio/tape deck and thinking I was way cool.

Allison said...

That cassette player is so fab!...now tapes will be on your wish list when u visit the ops. Oh I must own a thawing tray...I must!!. I love that they labelled them. What beats a garage sale?....an educational garage sale!. X

Anonymous said...

What great treasures, that little guy sure is creepy...he reminds me of a clown(even more creepy). The pink rabbit is very cute xx

Camelia Crinoline said...

That fluffy guy is creepy. I think it's the eyebrows. I love the picnic stuff. Those thawing trays are such a good idea. Then you wouldn't get water everywhere.

darkelady said...

I paid 25 cents for a beat up boombox with a busted CD player just because I wanted the cassette player. I had tons of cassetes but no working player.
And as a bonus the radio works better than any other one I have, even though the antenna has been snapped off to a 3 inch stub.

Sharon Newth said...

Love the cocktail forks and the tape player.

gabrielle said...

oohh some excellent finds. Love the pic of Arlo from a few posts ago

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Fantastic finds....some random, funky & fun. You find the BEST stuff! Xx