27 November 2013

Time Flies When You're Having Fun Times/ Finding Cool Stuff

SOOO>>> I have been absent on my blog for over a week (how does that happen?! Does time actually speed up at this time of the year or what?!)


These are brilliant. They are 'kid size' and in perfect nick. And they were $3 each.

This was at an oppie that I don't often go to, as the prices are usually a bit too steep for my liking... But this was a bargain. It's a shade umbrella that attaches to the pram. Like a BOSS!
New dress. 70s NZ made.
Worn to a party on Saturday night. If I'm looking like a shaggy dog, it's because this was our 3rd party of that particular day.. (a friend's 50th picnic lunch, a massive retirement party/hangi/banquet, and this was a friend's 40th.) All brilliant fun, but we had a half hour turn around for each one... If you've got kids you'll know what that's like!! Hahahaha..

flask. Obviously. $1

Also a buck.
Also obviously.

Over-the-back-of-the-door-hook-thing. How I love thee! I have no idea how I ever survived without one of these.  I have my eyes peeled for more.

This is sleeping bag/poncho. A sitting up sleeping bag? Can be sealed at the bottom or you can put your feet out.

It makes me look forward to Autumn. (not really)

I LOVE my new wall tiki, from my friend Ron Te Kawa, artist and fabric magician. AROHA means LOVE for those non-NZers.
Look him up/ask me if you want one... He uses recycled stuff and he is BLOODY talented. Christchurchians might remember him and his fabulous clothing at the art market years ago. 
Arlo had an accident last holidays.. I thought you'd all like to see his Harry Potter-esque scar.

More posts lined up soon, unbelieveably.

happy HOT days!


A little bit Country said...

Awesome finds, love the yellow chairs. I could imagine them in adult size. My middle name is Aroha. xo

Sue said...

Good shopping as normal for you!! You are excused from blogging, you must be busy with four kids and the end of the school year approaching really fast.

Brooke F said...

Poor Arlo! Looks painful. Great finds, especially the yellow chairs and sleeping bag/poncho thing. I want one! XXX

Brooke F said...

Poor Arlo! Looks painful. Great finds, especially the yellow chairs and sleeping bag/poncho thing. I want one! XXX

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm so glad your finds are still coming, even if you're not posting as much. Well I love that dollar tin, & the 10cent basket. I have those over the door hanger things everywhere. I have frocks hanging all over the place! You & the hubby look might fine too. Xx

pastcaring said...

Linda, blog when you can - we all know what it's like! Such a fab print on that pram parasol, and you look gorgeous in your 70s stripey frock, delicious colours. Good to see you and handsome husband on your party marathon!
Always fab finds - obviously!
And gorgeous Arlo, the Wizard-in-Waiting! xxxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I love the umbrella! What a cool pattern!! Sorry your little one got a boo boo!! MUAH! I kissed it!

Anonymous said...

Great finds! You always have such interesting stuff :)