18 December 2013

Trees at the Meteor

There's a cool thing happening here in Hamilton.
(the meteor is a theatre)

It's like Wearable Arts, but for trees.
It's like an art exhibition for trees.

Which is why I saved my op shop tags from the year!

I call it

My sister-in-law and I did this one too, just for fun.
Kids all cut jelly shapes out to decorate these jelly 'trees'.. One of the many interactive exhibits. 

Two of my personal favourites..
The one in the background was made of milk bottle tops. 

This was inspired by a christmas living in Mexico City.

Arlo and his hot chocolate 'tache.
Backyard cricket, televised of course. (I watched from the 'cafe')
The general theme of the event.

Those were some snapshots.
If you're in Hamil-vegas - you have to get there..

Happy Days!


pastcaring said...

What a fun event! Love your Opportunitree. Ahh, Arlo - so cute! xxx

Brooke F said...

Those trees are amazing. And your "opportuni-tree" is gold!

Janey G said...

love the sentiment, love the trees, love that you took part! fab! xxx

Kerrie said...

These are awesome, very creative!

Sue said...

Excellent, will try my very best to go visit it!!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

What a cool event! Your project turned out to be something nothing short of spectacular!

Kimberley Atkinson said...

How brilliant ! Love the name of your tree and the keep calm saying at end . I wish people would not go into debt at Christmas! Hate the buy,buy,buy. No.

Julie - Slice in the Life of Julie said...

I went today - loved your mini tree! Was a really cool exhibition. Kids licked the jelly for the jelly cakes, tried to be interactive with the non-interactive trees and generally caused chaos. Was good fun :)

gabrielle said...

wow these look amazing, love your oppy one

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

So glad you blogged about the trees! Shame it was closed when we went :D Happy holidays, see you in 2014 x