18 November 2013

Free Bin Friday (on Tuesday) + a Virus

I meant to post this on Friday.. but I had a virus..
More about this later..

The Best free bins in this town are at The Gateway op shop.. If they have too many toys/shoes/clothes.. they just put great boxes of them outside for people to help themselves to..

I was there the other day when they put a few out ... so this is what I got..

Happy Days!!

and in other news..

It seems I contracted a virus last week.
Well, my computer did.

It came via a dodgy email/message from another blogger...and it appears dodgy messages have also been sent from 'me' to others.

Don't open anything from 'me' that looks a bit strange..


Vintage Coconut said...

Great finds! I love the Ernie puppet. Those little converse shoes are so cute.

pastcaring said...

My email was hacked the other month too.
Nice finds, as always - and free, hurray! I love that Arlo loves the puppet (is it Ernie from Sesame Street?) Xxxxx

Brooke F said...

I am always so jealous of your free bin finds. Wish my op shops had them instead of charging the ridiculous prices they are currently doing. Oh no to the virus. Bloody technology - I love it and hate it in equal measures.XXX

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Yay for freebies! I love John's new shirt, I have a similar one in green. One of our local oppys has a 20-cent bin outside and it's a goldmine. Sometimes things appear in there that I have been coveting but can't afford. Yay!! xoxoxo

Jill said...

Free you say!! That doesn't happen around here!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome finds! I wish they had free bins where I lived! Haha but then that would too much temptation :p

Kerrie said...

You always score great freebies! My op shops prices are all skyrocketing!

Sue said...

Gateway you say, is that the one in Hillcrest? You did very well indeed with the free bin, very impressive. I would laugh at the Puppet too, and probably laugh at Arlo laughing. Kids laughter always makes me laugh. I did get a random email from you but couldn't open it so binned it and felt guilty. Not now tho'!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh bugger about the virus. Don't you just hate computer problems. I love the mens shirt & shorts. They don't have freebie bins over here. They just put everything in a skip & dump it at the tip which makes me furious. Xx

Kate Mossy said...

Awesome finds. I Love the light blue shirt.

Anne Downing said...

Love the puppet!