13 November 2013

A Few (phew) Random Recent Scenes

Still here.
Still busy.

MAN there's a lot going on right now!!

Enjoying the current weather.
But PHEW it's getting hot!

.... random recent scenes to follow..

I'm on a juicing frenzy. Loving it.

On the door to Leo's room.. Great tea towel. 
(I've been - slowly- sorting boxes that are STILL stashed in the garage from our move 2 1/2 years ago!!!)
This is a bit juvenile for him probz now.. but I'll leave it up until he complains!

A friend was doing renos and this fell on her from  a roof cavity. She thought of me. (thanks Ton!)
Gift from above. Hallelujah!
it joins the rest of my collection. And one day I might even get some of it on the wall! 

My twin bruv and me and my nostrils.
Last year of being in our 30s has just begun!

Nice new (old) dress.
SYnthetic Symphony.

Arlo in his happy place. (dirt!)
Midwinter finds. Love.

Two of these feature landscapes/tourist attractions that have changed drastically..
(One Tree Hill, Christchurch Cathedral)
And one from Otahuhu. Random.

20c each thanks Red Cross Frankton. 

Eating outside.. a sign of summer..
Those chairs were 8 for $7..  at a Garage Sale a few months ago.
Formerly were the Drury Lane /Clarence St Theatre chairs, which were then passed on to King St church. (where the sale was)
They had a couple hundred, for $1 each that morning, or 6 for $5 etc.

Table was $10 from my local Red Cross.


Told you this was a random post..


Janey G said...

for real those chairs are superb!! love love love...i have a twin brother as well, we have birthdays on different days as we were born either side of midnight, however we are not in our last year OF OUR 30'S...HAPPY BIRTHDAY XXXX!

Mariela said...

Happy Birthday dear lady! It's always best to keep busy than to just be bored.

Van said...

Yuuuum green juices! Love and miss those but I'm doing smoothies now, the juicer is too much of a pain to clean ;) Happy Birthday while I'm at it!

fabriquefantastique said...

great Midwinter china. I look foward to opping when I come to NZ in January.....but fear not, I am restricted to scarves, yarn and knitting patterns.
Its getting ( is) bloody cold herein Canada.

Lucy Nation said...

I love the Leo tea towel and how sweet is little Arlo xxx

two squirrels said...

Happy birthday sweet.....hope the year ahead is filled with love, happiness and op-shop treasure.
The tea-towel is fantastic.....Mr Leo.
Yay for summer and dinning outside on great chairs.
Love v

pastcaring said...

Wonderful chairs (HOW much? Bargain!)
Gorgeous tea towel, and oh look at Arlo and those beautiful blonde curls!
Fab Midwinter too. xxx

A little bit Country said...

Happy Happy Birthday Mrs! Great finds as always. xoxo

Mum said...

Happy Birthday to you.
What a beautiful picture of Arlo - dirt 'n all.
Love from Mum

Sue said...

Happy birthday to you, and I did not know you had a twin, and a boy one at that!! My my how Arlo has grown, no longer a baby but a small boy, doing what small boys do best, playing in dirt!!

Allison said...

big birthday wishes to you!....I love a random post....and I love Leo the lion. I scored some midwinter today, in all my yrs of opping I have never scored vintage wallpaper...its on my bucket list! x

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

Wow you are a thrift shop warrior!

Palaeontologist Mum with Babies said...

Happy Birthday you and your brov don't look a day over 21!
Enjoy your thrifty times hopefully I will get to vinnies during our christmas summer visit to Australia.