30 June 2012

Thank you!

A big thank you for all the bloggy love coming to Iris and my crew!
It was a bit of a process but she's winning! 
And the swollen up lymph nodes were not due to anything sinister, which is good...

So thank you for all the lovely comments and virtual hugs!

This is Iris yesterday.
If you look carefully you can still see a bit of a lump.

I had a few posts lined up but I'm having technical issues...
Like: I've exceeded my 1GB free allowance from picasa for blog photos. Or something.

I am computer-ally challenged, so any advice gratefully accepted!

Also - how do I get REPLY thingy enabled on the comments?

Grazies y'all!

School holidays now for 2 weeks, so we're off to the beach house for a few days...

Happy Days!


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

ooh the lymphnodes get you worried dont they!1 My son's were inflamed all around his head... turns out it's nothing to worry about!?

Glad your darling one is on the mend

xo em

Anonymous said...

So glad to know that Iris feels better! Have a great weekend and lots of hugs to all your family!!

Mum said...

Pay Picassa about £5 for more space. I did last year and I'm still able to upload pics. Not too sure about the Reply thingy. My reply thingy just materialised by itself.
Love from Mum

Mum said...

Try this link



gabrielle said...

glad to hear your wee girl is better, I too had to pay about $5 to get more picture space but that was a few years ago now.

pastcaring said...

So pleased to hear that Iris is feeling better. She is such a cutie! xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh so pleased wee poppet is ok!!! Poor little sweetheart.
Sending hugs and love V