9 July 2012

Back on the Blog and Back from the Beach

Yip we're back in Hamiltown..
Still a week of holidays to go, so yay!

So I bought some storage space, and so I can now  put posts up again.
You'll all be THRILLED about that, I'm sure! (lol)
THanks for the advice etc on the last post..
I will get to all the other blogs and comments soon hopefully!

When we got to the beach we wondered WHY as the weather was SO bad. 
There was a 2 day and night storm that was quite spectacular. (as you can see, the house is very close to the beach so we got a great few of the storm!)

Despite the weather, the kids still wanted to go swimming. We had to hold them back.
Iris was desperate to give her newly acquired (op shopped of course!) 'Maisy Mouse' togs/swimmers an outing... 

There was a lot of reading and games for the first 2 days..
And I got breakfast in bed one morning. Bless my Joe's little thoughtful heart!

 Eventually the rain stopped in patches.. and we took those moments. 

For sand digging and prancing...

You can see how churned up the sea was..

This is Arlo's first time on a beach EVER!

But then the sun came out and it was like summer! The kids and their cousins had so much fun, as always.

We're so lucky.

Hope y'all are good and well!
Look forward to catching up on blogs.

I haven't been op shopping for about 8 weeks. Gasp


pastcaring said...

So it's not just us Brits with changeable weather at the moment then! Iris looks adorable, but oh LOOK at the sweetness of little pea-green Arlo! xxx

two squirrels said...

Oh could Miss Iris be any more cute in that wee bathing suit! Perfect beach time, what winter.
The wee man is growing, what a gorgeous poppet.
Love v

Max said...

looks like a great holiday to me, i love storms! those swimmer are absolutely adorable, and the menu-wow, so sweet!

Cristeen said...

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lasophia said...

Breakfast in bed awww that is the cutest thing ever. Do you have all these things your children make? My mom only had me so she saved everything but with more children I guess it is impossible. Thanks for the good vibes. One moment I think Im ready and the next I dont. Hard to wrap my head around how much our lives are about to change!