20 June 2012

CLOCKS (and SHOCKS) .... a Collection

A Collection I quite like.. They don't all tick, as I don't like lots of loud ticking! Just 2 of them are operating, the rest are decorations..

This magnificent starburst  was gifted to us by my Mum's best friend Judy.. It was lying around in her loft apparently.. The spikes are wooden and we LOVE it!

This is one that John picked up. He likes industrial kinda stuff.. It's pretty cool. It hangs just inside the front door..
This one I actually saw in the window of  a $2 shop! I wouldn't usually buy a clock from there.. but how could I resist? I knew it would look ace on our toilet wall. It ticks beautifully and keeps perfect time. I love a bit of  cheap kitsch. 

This was so cheap it may as well have been free from a jumble sale several years ago. "Not another clock!" said John. But we love it. 

This one  has been with us the longest. It was from an antique shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. We bought it on a whim for 15 pounds, which was quite a price back then, we thought. And we had to carry it all the way back to London, which was difficult and downright dangerous! ( We hadn't worked out that you could take the spikes out to make transporting it easier!!!)

It was in perfect condition when we bought it and stayed perfect until a couple of years ago. Inexplicably it fell off the wall one day, and then twice more - and it bears the scars. Dinged and battered, but still keeps perfect time  and we love it.. Bummer it's damaged but it tells a story I guess!
 Iris is in hospital. She was put there last night (while I was in the middle of trying to do the clock collection post!) We thought she had the mumps or something but it turns out it's an infection and has gone into her system...

She's bored shitless. And  grumpy  sometimes. But being a brave girl. Her neck is really swollen especially on one side. 

I go up in the days and John does the nights.. It was OK today, but in a few days time she will be well and truly over it...

She''ll be fine.
Just a waiting game!

So she won't be wearing a Friday Frock this week!


two squirrels said...

Oh sweet poor wee poppet!!!!!!! Oh I hope she is ok, sending the biggest soft squirrel hug to Iris and you too.
The clocks are fabulous, I love them all. We had the most amazing huge factory clock in two squirrels, it was smashed to pieces in the earthquake. Poo!!!!!
Lots of love v

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo, poor Iris!!I hope she's feeling better, the hospital life is not easy for a little girl and for all her family, it happened for similar causes to both my daughters and with a newborn baby is even more difficult, I know well.I'm feeling very close to all and I send extra hugs and kisses to you and Iris!

pastcaring said...

Poor Iris, hope she is on the mend very soon, being in hospital is NO fun - for her, or for Mum and Dad!
Love all your clocks - the starbursts are fabulous, of course, but I love Ticking Mary and the wooden clock with the wrought iron frame too. xxx

Mum said...

Hope Iris is home and well soon.
Love from Mum

amy said...

hey iris, hope you feel better soon!

Amy xx

Truly Myrtle said...

oh poor wee Iris!!!
Is it her lymph node? Gabe's neck blew up like this when he was five - within weeks of me having Nelly - he didn't end up in hospital, we were on holiday and he had antibiotics from a local doctor. I hope she's home really soon...

duchess_declutter said...

that must have been a bit of a shock to you all. so sorry to hear she is unwell. I was loving the clock story too, till I found out about poor little Iris. Hope she is well soon. cheers Wendy

lasophia said...

Aww poor thing. Well Im glad she is doing ok. You must be exhausted with a new baby and all. I much prefer a non ticking clock. Do you know Dora? www.vpjlm.com ? she would die for that virgin mary clock haha. Thank you for voting and supporting me! competition ends the 30th, I thought it was going to be over yesterday. Ugh.

Camelia Crinoline said...

I hope Iris gets better soon. The poor wee thing. The Mary clock is great. I love a bit of kitsch too. The starburst clock is gorgeous.

Sue said...

Hope your gorgeous Iris is all better real soon. ♥

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh poor Iris! I hope she's better soon. Poor little munchkin!

The clocks are fab - especially the starbursts!


Sarah xxx

custardino said...

Poor Iris - and poor you, it's horrible when your child is ill, especially in hospital.
Look forward to you posting that she's all better, hopefully very soon

Dearest Lou said...

I hope Iris gets well soon! These pictures are lovely though!

Dearest Lou

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love your clock collection it's amazing! Poor Iris I'm glad she's feeling better that lump would of looked scary. xx