16 June 2012

Frock on Friday for One of Us..

Frock on Friday for Iris was this funky one that just made her want to DANCE!!! Do you love the paparazzi hands?!  I am not wearing frocks right now
- breastfeeding + frocks = difficult!

Boots - op shopped
tights and merino top - passed on to us
necklace - I bought it at a SHOP!!! (Cotton On Kids - I go there for the necklaces - for me and Iris)
Dress - My sister bought it from a flash shop when my niece was 3 (she's 13 now)  and she justified the purchase by saying she'd pass it on to me for my daughter/s! 

Iris with marmite face.
 Baby with squished up cheek face. 

I'll try to get a bit of time to photograph other things - I promise I won't always fill the blog posts up with baby photos!

Something sad happened this morning - Gil chopped ALL his curls off. Sob. It was completely unceremonious.
Chop chop.
They never grow back the same. Well they didn't for my other, formerly curly, boys.
How shallow am I?!

Need to catch up on blogs.. I'm way behind on what y'all are up to.. need to find some time for comments...

Happy Days, but!


Little Dotty Bird said...

Aww congratulations on your baby boy! Love the outfit too, fab retro! x

Frugal Queen said...

utterly lovely babies xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this amazing frock on friday!! Iris is so cute in her funky style pictures, she's already a little star!!I love the 70's print!
Your kids are adorable and the newborn baby is beautiful as his sister!!
Kisses and have a wonderful weekend!

Max said...

Gorgeous dress! Did you rescue a curl as a keepsake? Claud still has hers alongside the knots, for as long as i can keep the scissors hidden from her, curls equual cherubic even in the midst of tantys! Happy weekend x

owlinalarkworld said...

No need to apologise for baby photos.

gabrielle said...

love the dress, my Isabella had the same one in blue 15 years ago, from Mini Minors as I remember

two squirrels said...

Oh could she be any more cute. Iris is just beautiful.
Its so lovely seeing all your little poppets.
Love v

Vintage Coconut said...

Iris is such a adorable little girl. I love her outfit & squished baby face.
Hope you had a good weekend.

Misfits Vintage said...

Iris' dress is gorgeous - and she's got the moves! Baby Arlo gets more gorgeous by the day! Sarah xxx