3 May 2012

Friday's Frock - DEFO Autumn!

It's suddenly got cold in the nights and mornings.. but we're still having beautiful days. 

This bump is growing so much and so fast. 

There are 3 weeks to go technically. 

I am not blogging as much because  I am SLOW SLOW SLOW doing everything.
And lots of bits of me are aching...

I don't have a Friday frock pic for Iris today as she has been wearing very sensible hats and cardies and longs..
But this hat is my favourite! Made by Poppy and Jack and bought off Trademe.
(no link for Poppy and Jack but i wish there was as I love her stuff!)
Of course all my clothes (red polka dot dress and orange cardy) are op shopped. The bracelet would have been too. I'm attracted to large plastic beads, a la Marge Simpson.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love your polka dot frock! 3 weeks to go how exciting! Hopefully you will be more comfortable soon. xx

Truly Myrtle said...

Loving your orange cardy!
Thank goodness it is cooling down - soon you'll be all snuggled with that baby... yum X

Anonymous said...

I love your polkadots frock!!
Sometimes it's hard to have a huge belly, but when I see other mom's photos I miss mine very much,even my little girls ask me a lot about their life inside it, they think that was an amazing experience!!
Your daughter is so beautiful!!!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I love the cardigan you have on. Great colour & cute style. I hope the next 3 weeks pass quickly for you. Iris' hat is super cute. She has beautiful eyes! Xx

pastcaring said...

Lovely polka dots. Iris is a gorgeous poppet, look at her staring straight at the camera!
Oh those slow lumbering days at the end of pregnancy... I don't miss them, if I'm being truthful! I hope the next 3 weeks aren't too uncomfortable for you. It's exciting too though! xxxxx

Misfits Vintage said...

Oooh - lovely colour combo - and I ADORE the cardi - ADDOOORRE!!! It's cold here in Canberra already - minus three this morning (BBBRRRR!!!) and it's not even winter yet. I'm a bit cranky about it. Good luck with the last few weeks - you look great, I hope you feel great too - big hugs. Sarah xxx

Vix said...

I thought you might have given birth whilst I was away! You look fabulous and Iris is gorgeous with or without her Friday frock! x

Bubble My Licorice said...

Great photos! ove them :)
Bubble my Licorice

one denim bird said...

Put your feet up hun - 3 weeks to go, all the very best x