27 April 2012

Friday Frocks

Happy Friday!

Can't see much of the frock..it's a great pattern though.
Actually a large piece of fabric sewn into a skirt and hauled over large bump!

Frock: fabric op shopped and sewn by me.
Belt: From the tip shop I think, a few weeks ago
Cardy: Very comfy. From a charity shop in the UK  for 50p  about 12 years ago..
Shoes: None as i can only fit jandals or flip flops but prefer to wear nothing! Feet too swollen.

Iris dressed herself in TWO dresses.

All of her clothes are op shopped, garage-saled, given or gifted.
Actually I very rarely buy anything new for the kids. 

Have a lovely weekend!


Truly Myrtle said...

LOVING the belt - I want one too!
And the wee pushchair... my girls would kill for that :)

Lucy Nation said...

I LOVE that fabric! x

pastcaring said...

That fabric is beautiful. Doesn't Iris look adorable? She has the layered look down pat! xx

two squirrels said...

The pattern is super. The baby bump is so lovely. Not long???
Iris is a wee style princess.
Love v

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love the two dress look - I sense a future fashion blogger! And your bump looks beautiful dressed in that gorgeous fabric.

Rachael said...

Clearly your daughter is a genius! Why wear one gorgeous dress and when you can have two?Rx


Helga! said...

BUMPtiddyumbump!It's a rather glorious bump!And I LOVE the fabric,it makes for a sweet skirt to keep the bump warm!
Iris is rocking it,she really is!I adore how kiddies dress,they are so inspiring!My girlfriends Down's daughter has phenomenal style!
O,and yeah,why buy new when they grow out of it in 10 minutes?!DOH!

Florence said...

how funny, my little lulu has the same pram as your lovely iris, whose sense of style i must say i fully approve of! she is delightful, she looks like she would be a lot of fun to be around. xx