7 May 2012

Kitsch Birdies - Collection Selection!

I can't get enough kitsch birds..
Incl, amongst other things, : Bird whistles at top
Some salt/pepper sets.
An owl candle that was an old aunty's (she collected owls)...
You might spot a stray. (ie non-bird). 

I never buy these kind of things online (ie trademe, NZ's version of e-bay) I wait for the birds to present themselves to me at op-shops and garage sales.
Which they occasionally do.

Which is always a joyous surprise..

What I really need though, is a budgie or 2. A swinging one would be PERFECT for that gap there. 

Here's another kitsch bird I found in the kitchen the other day!
She's got a dress-up box and she knows how to use it!

Happy Days

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Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love your birdie collection but I think your cutest bird is in the last picture. xx

Anonymous said...

What a stunning collection!!
The colors are so bright and the birds are so cute!!
You daughter is beautiful and she's a very talented stylist!!
I've always dream as a kid to have a dress-up box and I made one for my girls, but they usually throw everything on the floor instead of wearing it!!

Vintage Coconut said...

I love all your birdies and the imposter.

Your cutie looks ADORABLE reminds me of orphan Annie. heheheh

Linda said...

Love it! you're bird collection is fab! especially like the little love birds, too cute!!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh you know I share your love of kitsch birds. I can't get enough, but they do seem harder to find these days. I love the set on the bottom shelf & the matching yellow ones. I love the shabby shelf too. It's such a happy display! Xx

Oooh Betty said...

One can never have enough birdies!
I love the wall hanging birds, got them everywhere.
Probably the reason my kitties have behavioural issues ;)
Lovely blog, gonna read some more right now.
Emma (Oooh Betty) x

tea with lucy said...

love your birds!

ebay kinda feels like cheating doesn't it?

rachel xo