15 May 2012

Mothers' Day

I was s'posed to post this on Mothers' Day.. but I'm doing a lot of this right now....

Well at least when I can,
which ISN'T actually as often as I'd like!!!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the beautiful Mums out there, those Mums in waiting and those that have gone before..

I would love to collect these MOTHER brooches, and in fact, I think I will!
Check them out..

I was inspired by the recent article about this woman and her collection in the Viva insert the other day.. She keeps them all on display in her hallway. 
What an awesome collection..

Anyway,  Mothers' Day 5 years ago was the day that this guy came into the world.. all 11 lb 10oz of him..

He turned 5 on Mothers' Day this year so the focus was well and truly OFF this particular mother on Sunday!

Today he started school..

He looks about as worried as I was, but he actually wasn't.
I hate it when they start school. But we all soon get used to it..

Now I'm concentrating on this bump here..
Only about a week to go.

Happy Days


two squirrels said...

Oh how exciting!!!!! I week till a new little person comes into the world.
Your wee man is so cute, happy happy birthday to him.
I had a "mother" brooch collector in the shop once. What a great thing to collect.
Much love and good luck sweet.

zigsma said...

Wow! Some big moments.

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my 1 week left... YAY WE GET TO MEET THE BABY SOON!
The brooches are all so pretty.
Happy Birthday to your 5 year old. Starting school school is scary at first but as soon as you make a couple of new friends everything is ok.

Truly Myrtle said...

Five years already?! Flip it's gone fast. It seems like the other day..... Nell is nearly 5 too :)
Only a week?! Fantastic :)

Dee said...

gorgeous DRESS!!
gorgeous BROOCHES!!
gorgeous BOY!!
all the best for the next wee while... x

pastcaring said...

What a beautiful boy! And what a fabulous bump! The brooches are gorgeous, but really, it's ALL about the babies, boys, bumps and baby-to-be! xxxx

Vix said...

Your kids are so beautiful! I can't wait to see the latest edition, when he/she finally makes an appearance! x

Mum said...

Take care and keep resting.
Love from Mum

duchess_declutter said...

Love those brooches! What a great thing to start collecting - doesn't take up too much room either. Looks like your babe may be running out of room too! Wishing you all the v.best - let us know the good news soon. cheers Wendy

Dearest Lou said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day dear! I can't believe you only have a week left to go! How exciting!! I absolutely love the print of your dress btw! Gee your first baby was a big one! I can't imagine how hard labor must have been!