15 April 2012

Recent Finds

I am back from holiday! We went to Ohakune and then to Castlepoint.
We caught up with loads of 'old' mates and had a great time.
And the weather was sublime.

However I don't have a camera anymore 
(lost it)
so no photos!!! Doh! I'm hoping that our mates will e-mail some to us at some stage..


Here are some photos of things hunted and gathered a couple of weeks ago...

Some glasses cases to add to my collection.. They were $1 each from Vinnies. 

And for my wallpaper collection.. an extra large roll that might end up on the wall right there..

This might be in the next collection post I add.. a kitsch bird vase.. This is so badly kitsch. I love it! 

I don't always post pix of clothing I buy for the kids - as I get nearly ALL their clothes at the oppies. But this shirt is pretty cute so thought I would! She chose it herself. 

Pillow cases to add to my other besquillion,  two plastic wicker baskets (another collection post looming!) and a lovely hand knit for the baba..
I am NOT a fan of soft toys. I avoid them like the plague.
But Iris fell in love with this one. and I have to admit it's pretty cute.
Made out of one of those bedspreads.

She takes him all over the place. Here she is sharing her sammie with him..

Scarves incl some chiffon ones for my collection, THE cutest unworn baby pants, another pillow case, and some VERY cool tea towels.

I'll leave you with this charming photo. That's me a couple of weeks ago sporting the hairdo that Iris gave me. I wore it like this for most of the day - coz that's the kind of mummy I am! LOL

Hope it's happy days for y'all!

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Vintage Bird Girl said...

I can't say I've ever thought of looking out for vintage glasses cases, but now you've planted the idea in my head! Love the birdy vase, & I'm dying for a better look at that starburst clock you have on the wall. Fab finds & great hair too! ;)

Lucy Nation said...

Wow, what a collection. I don't know where to start. I love the wicker baskets, teatowels and pillow cases.

I have a picture of Mr N sporting a very similar hairdo to that one, courtesy of our then 2.5 year old :)

two squirrels said...

The little lambie so had to come home with you, who else would share sammies but a lambie!!!!!
The glasses cases are fab, I have quite a few myself.
I so would have my hair styled with Miss Iris. Perfect.
Love v

Vintage Coconut said...

You always find such great things.
Those old glasses cases are very cool.
Plastic baskets are quite lovely.
That Lamb is SOOO ADORABLE, I would have grabbed it for myself. *Ahahaha*
Polka dot pants are the flippin cutest!
Your hair-do is just simply fabulous. Iris has some real talent!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy this post, all your finds are so precious!!
The wallpaper is wonderful and it's an amazing idea to collect them, maybe if I'll find some I'd love to have a patchwork wall, so it would visually match the mess I have at home!
Also I really like the vase,but with my daughters I can't put them around, they are still in the monkey phase and they've already ruined my tacky collection!
You look stunning in your hair stylist daughter's work, she's so talented!

lasophia said...

Great hair! Can't wait till my daughter does that to me haha. That bird vase is gorgeous. I love it.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh those glasses cases are wonderful - I especially love the green one! And I also love your fab plastic baskets with the floral... and the scarves... and that hair do is THE BOMB! Sarah xxx

Dashfield Vintage said...

Oh my goodness I found that exact same brand of wallpaper (but in a different design) the other day too. In fact I found 4 rolls of it, am totally going to use it on my bathroom walls when I have my own house!