21 April 2012

not rocking it!

OK this is my sad excuse for a Friday Frock post..
I LOVE this new dress I got at the op shop the other day.. but I wasn't really rocking it..

I've developed BAD carpal tunnel syndrome (like pins and needles and pain in my hands and wrists,) so computer action aint much fun.. hence lack of posts.

I'm going to my sister for some accupuncture hopefully today. Hope it helps. SO painful.

Having a beautiful autumn here.. school holidays couldn't have been better weather-wise. 


Mum said...

Your new dress looks like spring not autumn. Very pretty. Hope you feel better soon.
Love from Mum

Truly Myrtle said...

Look at that baby! Ooooooh! it is getting exciting!? Carpal tunnel aside :( Hope the accupuncture works... I swore by it during pregnancy... the dress is pretty by the way - early spring?

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Give yourself credit Love....You ARE rockin that frock! It's such a pretty print! Xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Sorry to hear about the carpel tunnel, hopefully the acupuncture gives you some relief. It's a very pretty frock! xx