20 March 2012


I've joined the Versatile Bloggers ranks thanks to the lovely Libby from Truly Myrtle(If you want to see a FANTASTIC styley crafty mama's blog, go and check her out! Plus I know her in real life and she's as cool as her blog..)

I don't know quite what the versatile thing means.. I think I should win a Collector of Crap award or an award for Most Chaotic Blogger.

Anyway, if you didn't already know,
The rules of this award are as follows:
* list seven things about yourself,

* let the person who you have awarded know you have nominated them,
* nominate 15 other blogs, and
* list this set of rules.

I might have mentioned some of these in passing. i am trying to think of things that you may not already know about me..

I am going to try and make these interesting. And I'll add a pic or 2 if I can find one that illustrates my random points. 

1. I am a twin.

Me and Paul

2. I always had curly hair. Like really curly. When I had an operation in 1988 my hair went straight! Random. That was when curly hair was cool, so my Mum, feeling sorry for me, took me to the hairdresser (first time ever!) for a perm.

Me and my curly hair.
Now I have one curl that persists, especially on rainy days. It's on the top of my head and is quite unruly at times. It makes me laugh sometimes because it sticks up. But it never goes away, even though I can disguise it at times. 

3. I have shockingly unhealthy teeth. I am onto my 3rd root canal in 10 years. (They can't finish it until after the baby is born, as they need to x-ray) It all came about when i started having babies. There's an old midwives tale: "A baby, a tooth" so I guess that's right in my case. I pretty much vomit regularly throughout the pregnancies and I believe the enamel has been stripped off my poor pegs. The expense is the worst part of it.

4. This one is a bit of a snigger. I was a cover girl once.  NZ Hot Rod magazine. An embarrassing poodle-esque hairdo. 

5. Although I love second hand stuff, and most of what I own is from an op shop or garage sale, I draw the line at 2 things. I will never buy a second hand refrigerator or a second hand mattress. And I would say undies too, but then I had to concede that I have bought bras and spencer-y things in the past with no issues.

6. I am the world's worst housekeeper. I used to be quite good, before I had kids. But now, my priorities have changed. And there are too few hours in the day, and too much to do!
Thankfully, I don't have a picture to illustrate this one. I'll just say that I am often living in CHAOS (Can't HAve Anyone Over Syndrome)

7. I don't drink alcohol. I used to. Quite often. Randomly, I begun to have allergic reactions to it. And they were unpleasant. Like my face going bright red and my breathing speeding up and my throat feeling like it was swelling up.  Usually only after a sip or 2.
Occasionally I have a try at drinking again.. and sometimes there is no reaction at all. But generally I can't be bothered risking it.

This is a photo of me drinking. It was my 21st party. 

So as a result I am a 2-pot-screamer. A cheap drunk.

And so here's the tricky bit - trying to pass the award on. I can't find anyone who doesn't have it. Sorry. Don't mean to cop out or break the rules. This blog award has been around for a while, so most people already have it I think. 
Maybe if you're reading this and you'd like a little bloggy love, let me know and I'll pass it to ya all official-like!

I'll put you all out of your misery now!
End of post! 

Happy Days


Vintage Coconut said...

It is always fun finding out new information about or bloggy buddies. I can't believe your hair went straight (How strange) Although when my dog went for an operation he got quite a bit more grey in the face suddenly (I think it was all the stress he went through) P.S. I am NOT comparing you a human to my dog of course... *lol* I guess sometimes stuff like that can have weird effects is all.

And now I totally understand how all your cuties have massive curly locks.

OOoOOoHH A cover girl for Hot Rod magazine! *whistle whistle* How gorgeous are you?!
I think the only thing I ended up in was a little write-up in a local newpaper when I was playing at the park. (OHHHH AND MY BROTHER... he got the big picture I was only in a small one.) *heheh*

When I drink.. and am starting to get drunk my cheeks go numb and tingly (Face Cheeks!!) *LMAO*

Truly Myrtle said...

Oh Linda you are fantastic! I'll join you for a cheap drink next time I'm in NZ!
Lib X

two squirrels said...

This was such a lovely read, thanks for sharing. Wow look at you Miss Hot-Rod, loving the red heels.
Wow I've had 7 operations and I just wished the opposite happened and I got curls, I still dream that one day it will happen.
Happiness to you, you special lady!!!
Love v

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Hot Rod Mama - love it! Hair is strange stuff, I know so many people whose hair has gone haywire after babies, mine was great just post pregnancy but not so much any more. How odd to change after an op - anaesthetic I guess? Hmm, I'd quite like curls - wonder if it goes the other way sometimes?

Lucy Nation said...

Wow look at you Miss Hot Rod! - very nice pics and nice to find out more about you

Lucy Nation said...

Wow look at you Miss Hot Rod! - very nice pics and nice to find out more about you

Misfits Vintage said...

Va Va Voom Miss Hot Rod!! You look so gorgeous! I have one girlfriend whose hair went straight during her pregnancy, and another girlfriend whose hair went curly after chemotherapy! Sarah xxx