30 March 2012

Collection Selection Finally! Chiffon Scarves

OK I haven't done a collection post for AGES. I originally planned to do them weekly.. ahem. 


This is a weird one, but one of my favourite collections ever! 
It is also the thing I have collected most solidly, for the longest time..

That's my ball dress I made in my last year of school
 (7th form)
I had a dreadful gastro bug and I really shouldn't have gone... I lasted about 2 hours. That's why I cropped my face out!
I made the frock by weaving the scarves together, obviously.
My shoes were op shopped, of course.
As was the brooch. 
My Mum had a drawer fall of these scarves when I was a kid, and I found them so intriguing and irresistible.. The colours were mind blowing to my young mind. When I turned 7 she made me a Rainbow Queen dress up using the scarves in the skirt.. 

Here's my rainbow queen skirt, 30+ years on!
Anyway.. Whenever I see these scarves, since I was a teenager, I buy them. They used to be very easy to find, but are a bit more scarce now. They never cost much, so I was able to get a huge collection early on!

These scarves, believe it or not have MANY uses! 
* I have used them in classrooms for dancing and drama activities.. 
* I have used them as curtains....

That's my room as a teenager!

* I have used them as dress ups and play things.

One of my nephews (who turns 21 this year!)
* They of course can be knotted round necks a la Grease or as belts.. 
* They can be used for magic tricks and dancing sessions... 
* they're great at kids' parties in the decorations etc .. 

* They're great for tying things together. eg the kids use them as handcuffs etc lol
* They're great to roll around in and throw up in the air!

Gil looking a bit deranged as he had just drawn all over his face with a  brown pen..
The possibilities are endless! 

nasty student flat.. but nice curtains!  c 1993
For some reason this one was cut around.. I think I had it on my wall at some stage.

Another really great thing about these scarves is that they can stuff into very small spaces.. so take up little room. Which is important to me these days!!

Yay for chiffon scarves!!!

And now for something entirely different..

This morning, in our back yard.. (the school)
It's the Balloon Festival right now.
I LOVE it!

The other day..
The type of photo that makes me pinch myself -
Are they really all mine?

Happy Days! 
You can check out my other COLLECTION posts by clicking on the tag on the right..
Might link this up to Her Library Adventures.. as this collection, like all my others is all op-shopped/garage-saled etc!!


Babajeza said...

Wow, your ball dress is great!!!

Truly Myrtle said...

love all the scarves - especially the dress!
but, the last photo gave me goosebumps....Aawwwwww...

duchess_declutter said...

Great post! I love the chiffon too and I used to have quite a collection. Now I wonder what happened to them?! decluttered maybe. cheers wendy

Vintage Sweetheart said...

what a fun and pretty thing to collect! I love the ball dress you made!! xx

Max said...

I love the ball dress made of scarves, incredible! I wore blue chiffon scarf last weekend on a mad 'the amazong race' inspired hens do to denote my team, a keeper, perhaps the first of many?!!

Misfits Vintage said...

I love them too! I use them in my hair - and they are perfect to put over your face when trying on dresses, so you don't ruin your makeup (or the dress). They are perfect to keep rollers or pin curls in place and fab to just tie onto a handbag for extra colour or for extra matchy matchiness! Yay for chiffon scarves! Love all of your pics - and your fabulously creative ball gown!

Sarah xxx

Vix said...

I'll never look at a chiffon scarf in the same way again! That dress is a triumph, what a creation.
Back in my dim and distant childhood ladies' boutiques always had them in the changing room to tie over customer's faces to stop them staining the merchandise with make-up. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

WOWWWWY What a collection. I totally adore that rainbow dress! *My Gosh* It's totally awesome.
I buy scarves whenever I find them for cheap. Not just chiffon but silk ones with all the different patterns. I only come across the chiffon ones every now and then. I assume someone is always a couple steps ahead of me.

I thought is was cool you were "holding yourself in your hand" *ehehahaha* And then I thought you were going to tell us you created the hot air baloon from Chiffon scarves ;)(I totally wouldn't have been surprised after seeing that dress.

Helga! said...

They look like sorbet!Delicious!
That frock you made is incredible!Rather inspired!I'll keep my eye out,I ahven't seen any of these for ages either!XXXXXXXXXXX

one denim bird said...

Wow you are one creative minx! Your dress runs rings around the standard taffeta kind! Love it x

lasophia said...

Wow, what a long history you have with scarves. My favorite was your room when you were a teenager. Glad to know you stayed so cool.

Jessa Belle said...

Oh the possibilities are endless with these little beauties! How cute are the photos showing just how much fun they are?!

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

Allana said...

Awesome colelction, and that dress is incredible - great work!
Your family is lovely :)