25 March 2012

Costume Sale

Some time in February the Hamilton Operatic Society had a Costume Sale.
As a member and friend for many years I, of course, put my hand up to help out.. 

It was well advertised, and to my knowledge the first time either of the local rep. societies have had a costume sale..

Well it seems there has been a GAP in the MARKET!
It started early in the morning. There was a HUGE crowd gathered behind an invisible line.. and 40 mins after opening it was practically SOLD OUT! 
It was an awesome spectacle, I must say!

Those are 2 of the main organisers and committee members before the frenzy.. It was still pretty dark.. There is more stuff in boxes and racks to the right of the photo.

YOu would have seen Yvonne in the photo above as she took these amazing BEFORE photos..
The AFTER photos are taken 40mins after the top shots...
See what I mean!

Interestingly, the fur coats were the most popular rack.. they were LITERALLY grabbed and a bun fight almost ensued.

I scored a few things.. (as you do!)

This dress is very comfy, despite the fact that I can barely fit it at the moment (busting out as usual)
The maxi is sleeveless, with a bolero thingy in the matching floral..

The length is to my ankles, just all black. 

Sorry, self-taken photos as usual.. not easy!

These 2 ties. I have to say that the one on the left is THE weirdest print I've ever seen. It features pansies, 2 girls reading and a very strange pic of a woman and a girl just, well, sitting on a couch. 

A dress that is made out of toggy type fabric (that's swimming cozzie to those non-NZers reading this!)
The boobs have that funny padding rubbery stuff that has deteriorated over the years and is now shedding. So that will have to be removed.
This dress most defo is not my size so I will pass it on to someone at some stage!

Happy Days!


Michelle said...

oh I would have been there too if I lived there Wow! I love your scores and you look gorgeous in your new dress. I envy your bump :-) So beautiful. The tie is very interesting. I also love the word toggy... Have a great week.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I can't say I've ever come across a costume sale here in Brissy. We miss out on all the good stuff! I love the dress with the bolero thingo. Just fabulous! And yes how weird is that tie????!!! Xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh I get VERY excited by costume sales! Love that gorgeous maxi and bolero - the fabric is delightful! Sarah xxx

Katie and Reuben said...

Oh, I would LOVE a costume sale! That would have been so wonderful to rummage through. The dress looks lovely on you! :)

Katie x

Vix said...

I'm always envious of the costume sales that Helga and Vanessa go to. They sound amazing and the stuff seems so outlandish and just up my street.
You look bloody gorgeous in that frock, how much does pregnancy suit you? Your skin is radiant! Love those beach dresses with the build-in cups, I've never found one small enough for me...boo! xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

I love that dress on you!
And I totally agree about that tie on the right. When I seen it I was like "WTH" ahahaha I bet it's some kind of custom tie... made for a man that loved pansies his wife and kids & sitting on the couch. *LOL*
The bottom dress is totally awsome!
I hate when those molded cups get crunchie. Come to think of it.... I wish they still made lots of molded cup things... it would equal LESS BRA WEARING! *woot*

Rhiannon said...

OH MAN, I would love to go to a costume sale. I often peruse the costume stores and think about how awesome it would be if one were close down or something, and sell off all their stock - it happened not long ago around here and I didn't find out until afterwards! I almost cried!

Sue said...

OMG I went to that sale!! Well I went twice really, first time I was a whole week early!! I witnessed the "bun fight" over the furs and basically forgot why I went. I was appalled at the behavior of those women. I was after a crinoline petticoat on the day but one of the lovely ladies running that said none were there.