13 March 2012

Op Shop Booty

Here are a few things I've found on recent op shop trips, during the last week...

Another nice  kitsch-ish cookie tin. Lid destined for the wall. 

Iris chose this pallid looking baby. I'm impressed with his/her outfit!

Great fabric, smashing green dress and some more plastic beads.. 

For those of you who have kids who are into Sylvanian Families (like my boy Joe) you'll know how blimming much they cost.. This is the department store/cafe and was $4. Quite a bargain. I almost felt bad paying it - but I knew someone else would get it for that if i didn't! The lady at Vinnies was apologetic that it was so much. Bless.

2 curtains. very cool fabric.

Desk chair . Love it.

Quite a good stash. Probably about $25 for the lot.
I love Hamilton!

happy Days!

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Lucy Nation said...

Wow, love the curtains and desk chair. My sister in law and her family are moving to Perth in July which gives me an excuse to travel to Aus at least once every 2 years and raid your op shops! Btw, that doll's outfit is cool! :)

Helga! said...

EEEK! I'm loving the tin,the green frock and the curtains! the baby's outfit IS fab,but the baby itself would give me nightmares if I had it in the house!!!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh that doll is just gorgeous - I would have bought her just for the outfit. What are you planning to make out of the floral fabric?

Michelle said...

The fabric on the baby doll is devine... I want that chair! Lucky you :-)

Dee said...

wow, that chair is a great find! and the sylvanian house!

(vinnies is my fave in Hamilton...)


Vix said...

I'm loving those curtains, the doll's outfit and the look of that green frock. Charity shopping is the best! x

Mum said...

Love the chair. Great finds.
Love from Mum

Erin Kate said...

What a cute tin! Nice finds!

two squirrels said...

OOOOooo love the tin!!! The green dress looks amazing.
Great treasures.
Love v

Bubble My Licorice said...

awesome post :)
I really loved the fabric!


Zara said...

I want those curtains, you lucky thing. and the desk chair is so sweet. x

Florence said...

we can trust you to always find some amazing things. well done, i might have to move to...hamilton is it? or maybe there's no point, because you'll find the treasures first!! love your finds. xx

confession of a scrimpaholic said...

Ooh that green dress is fabulous and the fabric is gorgeous! Great thrifting xx