29 January 2016

Funky Fabric Finds from St Francis

The other day, between swimming lessons with some of my kids, I popped into the PopUp Op Shop at the St Francis Oppy in Hillcrest.. (They have so much stuff they filled a big room next door with their overflow, and made it cheap as chips..) They also have a Garage Sale tomorrow morning Hamilton people. 

I found lots of cute kids' fabric, among other things..

Very old copies of Wiz of Oz and Black Beauty..

Incredibly strange to have  green-faced children on that fabric. Different! Haha.

The 3 kids' prints were 2 flat single sheets and a couple of pillowcases.. so plenty of fabric!

I'm trying to build up my collection of old towels with prints on, so I only end up with cool oldy ones...

Quite a large and VERY COOL curtain..

Few more towels, these ones from my local..

Old Fisher-Price. Goes. Quite annoying actually, but Stan LOVES music.


Very old. Love.

Gratuitous Arlo-on-Beach photo

 Stan..  He's coming along beautifully. Absoutely adorable and SERIOUSLY still the easiest baby EVS!!!

Happy Days!


Leisha said...

Stan is absolutely beautiful.

Sarah Jane said...

Stan steals the show. What a little heartbreaker x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Love those old Ladybird books, I still have a small collection up in the loft, they'll be back out when the grandies start appearing.
You have such beautiful children and I so want to smooch Stan, I can't believe the change in Arlo, love his hair x

Frugal Queen said...

Google baby now! I can see quilts, cushion covers, pillow cases, new clothes......l

Jill said...

Your little one is a sweetheart!!

Connie said...

Smoke and Fluff and Arlo and Stan. Beautiful.

Sue said...

I haven't been to the St Francis one, maybe that should go on my must visit this year list. Your kids are all growing so fast, big one off to HBHS and the little ones are thriving. Arlo looks like he has heaps of personality, something I adore in kids. Then there is the sweetest ever little dude Stan, so adorable. I bet your lovely little lady Iris has changed.

Curtise said...

STAN! OMG, that baby is so cute - look at his curls and adorable cheeky face! Loving the Arlo shot too.
Nice finds, can't beat vintage linens and a Ladybird or two! Perhaps those kids are Jumblies - "their heads are green and their hands are blue, and they went to sea in a sieve"! xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Such cute babies you have - almost as cute as the lil green alien kiddies!

gabrielle said...

love the pic of Stan...so cute