27 January 2016

Slight Silver Lining

SO working backwards.. I shall now ATTEMPT to show what the op shopperoo scene has presented to me in the last year or so.. 

The Red Cross Op Shop that shut down the other day had a great closing sale, of course. (Slight Silver lining) .. Nothing was over 50c and everything was half price of the reduced price in that final week. 

As well as getting masses of clothing for the entire family (there was quite a lot of very cool stuff...) these are my favourite purchases:

If you didn't already know, I am quite obsessed with Sindy Dolls, but only the sideways looking type from the 1970s, like the one I had. This particular one (which was 30c!) is extra special as she has those moveable joints. The Ballet Dancer one I believe. I REALLY wanted a ballet dancer/gymnast one when I was little!


ANd because Iris was with me and she wanted one too, we also got 2 1976 barbies. I don't think barbies are anywhere near as cool as Sindy Dolls lol.

This tiny little angel was waiting for me up by the counter. I threw her in the pile at the very last minute. Packed away for next December!

LOVE these old kitchen things, despite their dishwasher-unfriendlieness! 50c each.

There were heaps of cool books.. I got some great ones. These are my favs... Great ballet book and a retro desserts book. Drool. The colours!!!

BACK UP THE BUS... what was that price tag?! LOVE it. Can't get more reasonable than that!!

I am ALWAYS hoping to find some original BARBA family books, like the ones we had as kids.. Not usually winning at this, but FINALLY found one! ANd it was 10c. (half price LOL) STOKED.

Favourite shirt for Stan.

When clothes are 50c or less you can indulge.. and Iris did! 

Those shoes I actually bought for MYSELF but I am quite good at sharing!!



Jill said...

Fun finds, for sure - your little girl looks sweet with the red shoes!!!

Rae - Say It Aint So said...

i love old kitchen stuff too. Travis HATES it when i buy stuff we can't put in the dish washer haha

Connie said...

Oh Yes. Happy Days. I am so pleased to see you back up and running. Little girls...sigh...I miss those ballerina and Barbie days.

Anonymous said...

How fun to a 50 cent op shop sale. You did good mama.