4 March 2016

Happy Place

Going to the Op Shops and Garage Sales are most definitely my favourite form of recreation!

These are some finds from the last few weeks. (Despite what it might look like I actually DON'T spend all my time at op shops!! I will pop into one on my way elsewhere usually. Occasionally I will go on a spree/op shop crawl, if I have a. the time, b. some spare cash and c. my kids can cope!! 
As for garage sales, I generally only go to the bigger fundraising ones at churches or schools... I like to go most weekends, if I can! 

Apols to my instagram friends who have seen some of these photos already.. (I am finding instagram quite a useful/fun sharing space these days!) linda_opshop is me! 

Various cute and a bit kitsch things. And two very huge and very useful 70s trays.
My kids LOVE these spoons. I've had to limit it to only buying ones with 'dangly bits' plus any that feature trains or the royal family. 

I always buy old Fisher and Price toys when I see them.

We have SO MANY books in our house. Almost every single one has been thrifted. You can find some absolute gold.

I had to buy this record for the cover. It's going on the wall in someone's room.

I gave this tin to my sister-in-law who LOVES hydrangeas. I do too. But she does more. Plus I filled it with baking as she is a huge help to me. 

This coaster is bigger than my head. Also going on the wall. (the coaster, not my head lol)

fabric, dresses, 70s glasses.

I absolutely LOVE this fabric, which has been cut into the pieces for a very small dress unfortunately. (adult size small)  But I'll think of something for it!

I've found a few very cool old duvets lately.. 


I don't photograph all the stuff I buy. Like the clothing for the kids, the shoes, etc etc... I usually only show off the interesting stuff.. But this was a pile that demonstrates how cheaply and effectively you CAN clothe all the kids... This was a fill-a-bag-for-$1 jumble sale. Sometimes they are $5 a bag. But still amazing value. That stuff is cool stuff my kids actually like, a lot of it current season fashion. (so it seems!) I even find school uniforms that are in perfect condition. Win.
Just sayin.

Bad hair, don't care. 

And this was yesterday. One shop. Sheets and pillow cases on left, brown dress, blue and white towelling 70s shirt, make up box and kitsch wall thing. Maybe $8 total.

Happy Days!


Leisha said...

Stan is just beautiful. I love the photo of you and Stan.

Sue said...

You cannot beat Fisher Price and second hand is always good because it is actually affordable. I love all the things you manage to find, just shows there is plenty out there for everyone!! If you ever need school uniforms Look Smart out Te Rapa usually has a good rack full. My hood so you might be able to call in for a brew!! Bad hair my arse!

Hollie Black-Ramsey said...

I wish so much that I could find some vintage sheets and pillow cases like that. They are no where to be found in this town! Your baby is SOOOO cute by the way!!!

gabrielle said...

so much good fabric

Curtise said...

You find some amazing bargains! And that pic of you and Stan is fab! xxx

Helen said...

We received some glasses like the little brown seventies ones as an engagement present in June 1970. They lasted many many years but not as long as our marriage! Coming up for our 45th anniversary in a couple of weeks time.
Helen in France