1 July 2014

A Random Post about STUFF and Happenings

Not much energy and not much time right now!!
COUNTING down to the 2 week school holiday that starts at the end of this week.

20c Te Kuiti op shopped dress.

Currently 34 weeks..
HEAVY bump..
Another Bird's Eye View (lol)
I will have to get some decent bump shots soon..

which is a mid-winter festival celebrating the appearance of the 7 stars (Pleiades)

Family celebration - soup smorgasboard..

..and ice cream sundaes.
Kids in heaven with their cousins.
Great way to make the dreary weather disappear!

Gil and his 7th birthday..

Party @ the avantidrome

Waikato people with kids - I hope you've all been to the Avantidrome - SO MUCH FUN!!

Iris (in the middle of pic on a scooter) and Arlo hooning around the 'roads'. Learning traffic rules and etiquette. LOL

Can't resist crochet blankets if I spy them in an oppy.
And these place mats were 50c and too cool to be eaten on! I shall have to turn them into something else!

Happy Days!


Sue said...

Placemats from Vinnies?? Glad you are still blogging occasionally, not long now is it. Keep well and enjoy the school holidays with your lovelies!!

Christina said...

It is a shame the aventidrome is not in my neighbourhood, it looks fab! I am feeling inspired by the crochet blanket, I might just start using up all my yarn leftovers for a similar one. Your bump looks good, hope you are feeling ok. x

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Enjoy the school holidays & the last weeks before bub arrives. I can't believe you can still find frocks for under a dollar!

Sarah Jane said...

Wow, you're so productive still despite having a house full of kids and another on the way. I have a 3 month old and a 7 year old who is as good as gold and I am constantly exhasuted and overwhelmed! Love the op shopped finds. You're right about the placemats. Maybe a cushion cover? xx

pastcaring said...

Ooh, Baby Bump! Bet you're a bit knackered, love! Look after yourself, won't you? Loving Arlo on his wee trike! xx