19 June 2014

Free Garage Sales and New Op Shops

There's a new (well been open about a month) Sally Army shop where I got this the other day. 
These cute tweeters are wrestling for space on my bird collection shelf. It's getting crowded on there!

Mug from Staffordshire $1 (half price shelf at Crosslight Trust Oppy)

This book is hilarious. At first I thought it said Dora the STONER but I took a second look and realised she's actually a hoarder. 

She stashed up so much her house looked like this..

Then she had to donate all her stuff to a jumble sale so she could start hunting and gathering again.
Ring any bells anyone?!!!

I  passed by another new op shop the other day.

(If you're local - it's at the Waimarie Community gardens in Wellington St, and it's open five days from 9-3)

It was really lovely. No clothes but a great stash of everything else..
And CHEAP!!!

You know we love these spoons at my place. The kids have their favs.. I know that one 3rd from the left is going to be the new fav with a couple of my boys... mmm wonder why?!

These were 10c each and there are heaps left..

A cute little 20c box of cake candle holders..

Book $1 that features some great Enid Blyton stories amongst other things..

Every now and then signs pop up saying 
Sounds like they must have a catch - sometimes they are church groups trying to advertise for new members- but quite often they are churches or other community groups literally doing something brilliant for the community. SUCH a good idea - and another form of freecycling...

there was one at a community hall near me the other day.

It was very relaxed and there was loads of stuff. People seemed less desperate in their rummaging styles than they are at regular jumble sales, interestingly.. There was some amazing furniture. 
I just got a few things..

Truly awesome cotton fitted sheet.

Crochet blanket (obvs.) in great colours
70s red and black robe and a very cute, beautifully made vintage girl's dress..

An absolutely beautiful (but falling to bits on one side) 50s quilt. The most amazing fabrics in classic 50s fabrics.  

Not sure what to do about the side that's disintegrating, but it was too gorgeous NOT to snaffle up..
Happy Days!


pastcaring said...

Oh yes, some great fabric there. And that book is hilarious - and a warning to us all... Happy days indeed! xxx

Zara said...

The souvenir spoons are cute. I don't seme to come across many around here. x

Meliors Simms said...

Your 1950s ripped up quilt makes my fingers itch to be mending it. Yes, it would be lots of work but so worthwhile. I'm not much of an op shopper, but I love to fix things up. Have you joined Hamilton Timebank yet?

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my goodness that beautiful old quilt is an absolute work of art! What a treasure! Now I'm on the hunt for a copy of Dora the Storer - I love those kids books with the intricate illustrations, probably just as much as my own lot! Hope you're keeping well love. xoxo

MsBazil123 said...

The quilt looks really lovely, you'll have to patch up the bit that is falling apart. If not you, maybe you'll find someone who is a handy repairer. I love your posts, they never fail to bring a smile to my face :)

Vix said...

I love those candle holders! That mug was made up the road from me! x

Sue said...

Have not done the shops in Ham East for quite sometime, good reason to go looking with a newby in Wellington st. You always find treasure when you are out. Well done!!

Indigo Violet said...

Your crochet blanket is a beauty, I have a thing for them at the moment. And the great thing about patchwork quilts is - if they are broken you just patch them!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh that book is so going to be me when I'm a wee old lady. Scary stuff. I keep on cramming the crap in! Loving the linen & the spoons. They sell for $2 each here....rip off! I found an old 50's doona, which was in good nick until I washed it & the fabric disintegrated on one side. I'm thinking of doing some rouge patchwork, as I hate to think of chucking it out! Xx