8 June 2014



THE WEATHER has turned a bit wintery, but only every now and then!! It's weird!
(This is a rescue mission for ice-bound plastic animals... Arlo's adorable jacket by gabrielle )


We've been trying to get ready for a new baby..

I've been thinking how much I'm going to miss this sweet girl when she starts school at the end of July.. She is keen to go and will love it.. but this mummy will miss her company!

This cute basket. 

At the St Joseph's school garage sale (that school is literally in our back yard)
I paid $5 at the door and received a large bag that I could fill with anything. Great system!

Cute Crown Lynn from an op shop.

Tablecloth 1 from the St Joseph's garage sale..

Tablecloth number 2

Tablecloth number 3!

This is simple but I adore it! A bit different with the purple changing to blue.

Teeny tiny brooch magnified (to show that it's actually quite dirty!)

This is actually a wall vase..
I can never resist these.
Cheap wool - I'm in a knitting mood!

Absolutely adore this $3 basket. I got quite a few comments on it this morning at the Farmers' Market.

I've been trying to de-clutter as well.. this was the clothing pile at my recent garage sale!!!! Embarrassing!!
Most of it was stashed in the garage..

 And LATELY.....
This guy turned 2! 

Check out his birthday hat made by his cousin!

Happy Days!


Sue said...

Arlo is two already? And Iris is off to school soon? When did that all happen? They grow up so fast, it is incredible. Do you know what this next baby will be, as in gender? I guess I am hoping you have another little girl. You have been a busy bee and your clothing stash was amazing. Hope you sold lots off stuff. Take care Linda xxx.

Mum said...

Just think, getting rid of all those clothes means you have to fill the space with different ones! Best wishes to Iris on starting school and time definitely does fly by with Arlo a big boy now.
Love from Mum

Zara said...

The cool weather here has been slow to set in, but I think now it might be here to stay for the next couple of months at least.
The fill-a-bag for $5 is a wonderful idea and you sure bagged some treasures there.

gabrielle said...

Always such great finds in your neck of the woods. Glad the wee jacket still fits.

pastcaring said...

My goodness, Iris about to go to school, and Arlo is two - how the hell did that happen?
Love that first basket, and the groovy florals on the Tablecloth No. 3, and I snap up old cotton reels too!
How are you doing? How are the baby preparations going? xxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I love your little one's birthday hat. You new wee tot will be here soon, how exciting!!