29 September 2013

Happy Days Again

here I am..

I have FOUND the camera. 

And I have limped towards the holidays (which have now started)
Had a couple of weeks feeling a bit 'over it' all.. the overwhelmed, swamped feeling..

Have had The urge to purge..
but not the TIME! (so frustrating!)

I have hardly even ventured into blogland at all in the last couple of weeks.
Just not enough time..

Here I am..

And I feel terrible that I haven't yet blogged about a beautiful wee parcel that arrived a few weeks ago.
Vanessa Squirrel
sent this little parcel of happy..
FABULOUS dress..

And a cute little shiny peacock brooch, with a swingin' tail, no less.

The dress has got POCKETS at the front (my favourite kind)

And I also got this fab all purpose apron.

I've worn the dress three times..
Once with my jandals.
(Coz SPRING is here, well and truly!)

And with some leggings.
(COZ it's REALLY REALLY windy down here!)


LOADS to blog about.
LOADS to read about and catch up on.

Happy Days.


Jane George said...

eeeeeeekkkkkk your back! doing a frigginn happpeeeeeeeee dance! x

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

Good to see ya luv, was wondering where you had got to. The sun should be out soon, warmer weather is on the way and the time to cavort is here! Woohoo!

Lynn Dylan said...

Wonderful to see your beautiful face and your lovely blue eyes!! The dress is great. I really love the way you have brought out the colors even more with the sweaters! Life here has been busy too, but we are going into autumn! Imagine!! Wanna trade? JK. XOXOXO Lynn

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I've missed you! Been hoping your absence was only due to the missing camera. Miss V told me she was sending that frock your way. Isn't she lovely? I love that print, & pockets do it for me every time too. Xx

Linda said...

Dress is lovely! Love the colours! I love pockets on a dress too xx

Vix said...

Gorgeous! That's the dress, the cardi and you! Welcome back! x

Helga! said...

Who doesn't love pockets?!
Fab frock, that Squirrel has the BEST eye! YAY to finding your camera! XXX

Brooke F said...

Great to hear from you! Love the dress Vanessa sent and know all about that swamped feeling! XXX

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

glad you got your camera back!

two squirrels said...

Yay sweet so so so happy you loved the dress....sorry things are NUTS here...snigger.....nuts....Two Squirrels shop....only 4 days to go....eeeekkkkk!!!!!
The dress looks just perfect on you....happy happy dance....much love V

Sue said...

Welcome back!! Must organise a get together.