11 February 2013

Op Shoppin'

for all the lovely comments about my last post.
Makes me remember how cool blogging is!

I have a huge back log of thrift reports..

This is the stuff from the last 2 weeks or so...

I am going to do a GIF of this going along. The ducks beaks snap around the place in a very cute way.. 50c

I need some more photo frames and I only like old ones, like this!

incl the label - which is art in itself!

Japanese mug for the kids. We now have 4 of these in various colours.. One more to find!

I once bemoaned the fact I have no YELLOW garments hanging in my closet... found one! 2 piece night outfit... straight from a bygone era! All the aunties had these when we were kids. They then languished in our dress up boxes... Love them.. 

Iris playing princess brides in forementioned negligee..

Old School address/birthday book. 50c

I love old plastic baskets. A lot.
Better colours. Feels better.

A bit pricey, but cool ($6)

NICE big kitsch painting from the Dump Shop.
It's big.
Bigger than my boobs even - see?!

Other random cheap scores..
* Linen of course * Swedish  dish * Rose napkin set (yellow) and fab plastic rainbow bling that Iris and I will hustle over
* purple egg cups 20c  * The kind of old undies that crack me up! * Funky old spoons for my stash.. * Cool OLD board game 20c  * Cot flannelette sheets x2.. NOT for a cot as we don't have one - for a quilt backing or something..

I forgot to post this earlier on as we've had it for a while...

THIS is our most fabulous new lamp.
but we love it.
It was our Christmas prez to ourselves, via trademe..

This is what it looks like off.
Prob not everyone's cup of tea - but we LOVE it!!!

Commenting SO far behind sorry...
Trying to get to it!

But thanks again.


Louana McCormack said...

I'm SO jealous of that swedish dish!

Astrid said...

Welcome back! Great finds and cheap prices! Love the swedish dish and those purple egg cups are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Goodness mama you've always come up with the goods and loads of them. The duck pull along toy is sweet as pie, one of which I would of nabbed in a second. The Holly Hobbie like address/birthday book is very sweet too. I love how you have a collection of mugs for the kids, so sweet too. Oh and your other random finds the rose napkin set, sweet, sweet, sweet. Finally who doesn't like a kitsch picture with a boobage size comparison lol.

Helga! said...

OMG, i'm so sorry to hear about your friends daughter. I am sending virtual wishes of mending to her....can't bear it when kids get hurt.
Love the vanity case and the swedish dish, incidentally.....

Rhiannon said...

I have a mug that matches your swedish dish!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh dear, I have so much to catch up on too...

Love your treasures, especially the coffee mug, the fab kitsch lamp, the yellow negligee, the dish and your fabulous enormous boobs!

I fear sad news, working my way back through your posts.

Sarah xxx

Liz said...

Wow - you have been busy! Amazing finds - love the little ducks.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

A little bit Country said...

Hello lovely lady! Great finds. I'm dead jealous of the swedish dish! xo

bonsaimum said...

I love that lamp!!!!

Vix said...

I'm so sorry to read about your mate's daughter, sending lots of positive thoughts to her.
I love that vanity case, well worth the expense (!!) and the collage of cheery finds.
Every girl needs a yellow dress in her life (or three) xxx

Truly Myrtle said...

That is a good haul. A very good one :)

pastcaring said...

It does your heart good to blog, I find, so it's good to have you back showing us your op shop treasures, Linda!
The vanity case was definitely worth shelling out for, the Swedish dish and the mug are fabulous, and a yellow negligee is an absolute must-have, darling, as Iris clearly knows! xxxx

Sue said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a great holiday, the weather has been more than perfect!! Hope your friends daughter is on the mend, tragic stuff. Might bump into you this year out and about!!

Vintage Coconut said...

* I would have totally needed to buy those ducks.
* I love old frames too.
* Old Japanese made mugs are best. I have one that is green, blue white and black it's just plastered with daisies. I adore it so much but am sad it has the tiniest of chips on the rim. "OH WELL I am not getting rid of it, I will use it as a vase if I have too."
* Omg Iris's Princess pic is just WAY TOO CUTE.
* Yes plastic baskets are fabulous.
* I would have HAPPILY spent the $6 on that travel case purse deal. MY HEAVEN IT IS FABULOUS. I bet you will get tons of use out of it.
* I totally cracked up at the picture being bigger than your boobs! YES I SO SEE (It must be a massive picture really.) =p
* Holy moly you scored so much great stuff I love those little lilac cups, and the fabric beads and dish.
Your flower lamp is quite awesome. I really enjoyed this post of yours. Lots of great stuff to look at.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I don't have kids but I love those ducks!!! I also really love the yellow... nightie is it? Whatever it is, it looks brilliant. I also really love the super kitsch flower light. You've found some great stuff!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

The deer painting & the Swedish dish are my faves. Xx