7 February 2012

Op SHop Booty in the heat of Summer

I have ventured out a wee bit lately, though not much, coz it's TOO HOT! 
Now that school's back in (THIS is when the holidays should be on, right now!) things are returning to normal and I am getting to a few op shops, every now and then! 
I never go too long without a 2nd hand fix!

Kitsch plastic flowers - no longer working.. but I adore them. 

50c - bargain! 

Super cute shorties for the baby..

Iris loves this puzzle.

Shirt for Op Shop Daddy - he chose it himself actually..

My first grey table cloth. Love.

MORE fabric! 

OK these are not from the op shops, but I found them as I continued to empty the boxes and bags in the shed.. (I have a LONG way to go!) My Mum kept everything, incl a whole lot of these Times supplements from the 60s. She must have known what fascinating reading they'd be in the future. Even the ads are fascinating.. thanks Mum.

This is what you call BUSTING OUT! 

This cute dress was in a Fill-a-bag-for $1 .. so was probably less than 10c! 

Summer fruit is overwhelming at the moment (and delicious) I'm onto the 4th bucket load of these delicious plums! Yum-ness!

Happy Days!

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Vintage Sweetheart said...

Such cute finds! I love those flowers and those magazines your mum kept. How far along are you now with bubz? x

H said...

Oh yummy plums! Love the gray table cloth too.

owlinalarkworld said...

I dig your taste in fabric. Keep it coming!
Also loving the dress. Not boring and sterile like some maternity outfits.

Vintage Coconut said...

* Love the plastic flowers.
* The outfit for the baby is just flipping adorable.
* Op Shop Daddy's shirt is nice. My Hubs has one in the same sort of design.
* Tablecloth & fabric is lovely & I am totally jelous of your Times magazines.
* You look so cute in that floral dress. (Thats the type of thing I want to wear when I am preggo in the future. ~vintage dresses~)
"Oh my God you have a fill a bag for $1??!!
Eaaaaaakkk our cheapest fill a bag here is $3."

I Love To Op Shop said...

I love the fabric!

You look fab also!

lasophia said...

Kitty puzzle is so cute. Wow what a busty mama! My bust is getting larger as well, it blows my mind.

Little Dotty Bird said...

So many treasures! love the fabric and magazines ..and your dress looks fab too x

Rachel said...

Great finds: fill a bag sales are the best. I'm saving my pennies for the next local one in less than a month!