16 February 2012


My Friday frock this week is LITERALLY one of my favourites.. I've had it for years. It was an early op shopping score - maybe from when I was about 16 or so.  It would have cost me no more than 50c - as NOTHING cost more than that back then! (Glory Days!)

It has a zip up the front and THE grooviest pattern ever.

Bad photo - Iris took it! The dress is a mini. I wore it with leggings (too hot for tights) and black jandals/sandals.. I simply can't get good photos of myself. Need to get me a tripod! The bump fits in it .. for now!

Iris's frock is an old-timer too..

Very colourful and cute. Op shopped. of course.

Have a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love the colors and the pattern on your frock :)

Helga! said...

OMG you look SO beautiful!!! Easpecially in the pic Iris took!
I think pregnancy agrees with you!
LOVE that frock! OH!
That mirror is yours,darl!!!
It cost me a measley $1.50,so don't be a donkey,I don't want anything for it!
Just email me,
with your address details,and it's all yours!!!
YAY for Frock Fridays!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

WOw you both look beautiful and colourful!! You had amazing taste at 16. x

two squirrels said...

Oh sweet you look so very gorgeous!!! The pattern is amazing, best 50c spend ever!!!
Iris is such a wee poppet!!!
sending happiness to you!!!
love v

Misfits Vintage said...

That is literally one of my favourites too - I LOOOVE the gorgeous fabric! Iris is just delightful - her curls! Her frock!

Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

love it and you look awesome in it

Vix said...

You and Iris are a sight for sore eyes! Ii love that frock of yours so much! xxx

Mum said...

Brilliant pics of you and your frock. Very bright and colourful. It's brightened my day.
Love from Mum

Vintage Coconut said...

*OoOo* I love your dress and Iris's little dress!
Both of you are beautiful
lovely pics

La Dama said...

I am so sorry!
I think you need to unfollow my blog and refollow me again.
You two beauties look great in groovy 60's frocks.
I need to start learning how to use the tripod too.

VintageBirdGirl said...

That frock is amazing! Super dooper print!!! You look absolutely gorgeous in those photos.