27 February 2012

Op SHop-aroony

So I borrowed my sister's camera..
Mine is still hiding from me..

Recent finds..

Thermos in perfect nick from Vinnies.. ($1) 

Not my favourite ever tin but for 50c.. I'll have it! Kitsch.

My favourite find..
A retro baby caddie thing. Quite big and really useful looking! ($4) 

Has an extra little tray/shelf thing at the top.. I'll prob put baby stuff in here.. who knows?

And finally...
This mirror arrived from Helga!
I love it!
It will be joining my mirror wall, as soon as I get around to it!

Thanks Helga.
YOU are fabulous! xx


Helga! said...

Yay,it arrived!!!
No,you're fabulous.....!!!
LOVE the thermos!! Gonna be time to fill that up with nice soup before you know it!

I Love To Op Shop said...

Lovely collection, thermos is ace, I've been looking for one too but still hunting.

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love that little baby thingo and that mirror is precious!! x

two squirrels said...

Yay Helga is so amazing!!!!
Love all the wonderful finds, the baby container is so cute.
Love v

zigsma said...

Love the baby caddy - that bunny does something to me. And the mirror is gorgeous. Your reflection will tell you you're as beautiful as a pretty flower.

Libby said...

I rather love the mirror - thinking of starting a wall of mirrors myself...

Mum said...

Lovely finds and what a beautiful mirror. Lucky you.
Love from Mum

Vintage Coconut said...

OoO nice finds!
That thermos is awesome
The tin is sweet
I love the baby caddy thing

And the mirror from Helga is freaking amazing!

Vintage Scapes said...

The pattern on that thermos is gorgeous!

BeckyKay said...

Very good stuff! Neat thermos and the baby caddy is very fun!

Gorgeous mirror!

Sue said...

Hello local girl!! I regularly go to Vinnies, is it the one in Frankton. Have a weekly SuesDay out with my mate Sue and we have a circuit of Op shops in Hamilton we do. May see you out and about one day.