15 December 2011

No longer Camera-less

I left my camera at my Dad's place in Auckland. Doh! I was just about to resort to using old photos when Dad paid us a surprise visit yesterday.. A good effort for the old fulla as it's a 1 1/2 hour drive and it has been POURING with rain all over the land for the whole week. It was the first time he's seen our house actually, which we've been in for a few months now..

I went out for a Turkish feast last night with some friends. I didn't get any photos of them or the food! What kind of blogger am I?!!

I've mentioned before about how I find it IMPOSSIBLE to get good photos of myself, by myself. And I don't live with a photographer! 
So this was an attempt at a frock photo. Mmm. Not great! I look like a grumpy old housewife. 
You can see a bit of a bump there. I must be nearly 5months. I lose track a bit..
Preggy frock - gifted from my sister-in-law. Love it.
Cardy - had it for years and years. Op shopped.
I once wore this when I was about 18 and an ex boyfriend commented that I looked like I was wearing a grown-up version of a baby outfit. He was trying to make me feel embarrassed but I was SO proud and happy!!! Aside: I think I might have been able to do the buttons up back then LOL!!

This was a scene from our Auckland weekend.. I LOVE Iris eating her way through the decorations.

The kids finished school today for the Summer holidays! YAY!! I LOVE the holidays.
So excited today - they could hardly get to sleep tonight. You'd think christmas was just around the corner..

I am hoping to get a few things sorted around this place over Summer... am I dreaming? Probably - but I'll do my darnedest!

Love and light..


Helga! said...

Hahahha,I like eating my way through decorations too!
Love this frock,fabulous pattern!! Yumcious with the blue cardi and bright pink beads!Perfect for dining out!

owlinalarkworld said...

Dressing like a baby/granny are the best compliments.
As always, I love the knitwear.

Vintage Coconut said...

I think the dress is totally cute!
*mmmm* Gingerbread!

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Hei hei op shop goddess mama leave me a message on my blog, I've got something to send you for the babe to be. I've been having a sewing frenzy.