20 January 2012

Summer. finally!

We lucked in! After an horrendous start to the Summer, we got terrific summery weather when we went to the beach/bach. SO GOOD! Just heaven. Kids in heaven. Bliss.

My friend Soteria watching the kids while I sit at the end of the section with my cup of tea! This is first thing in the morning. 

This is how we sleep after a hard day at the beach!

Bump shot! Over half way through now. Like my preggy togs/swimming costume/bathing suit? It's a genuine 70s dress style one that I've had for years. (long before I was ever preggy!)Not that you can see much of it, but you get the idea..

At the end of the section, watching the gannets dive!

Checking Uncle Mike's catch out!

Happy Days

Off camping in a couple of days...

Might get a chance for blog browsing/commenting when I get back!


owlinalarkworld said...

Such fun! Looks idyllic. Enjoy camping times.
Whenever I see pictures of your brood I think how they are a perfect number for family board games. So I hope you play many board games on your holidays. :)

two squirrels said...

Oh that is so so summer!!!! What a happy happy time.
Sweet I am so excited for you, a little new person will be here soon.
I hope you have a wonderful time camping and the stars are out at night to watch for shooting ones to make wishes.
Love V

Vintage Coconut said...

Your getting summer while I am watching golf ball sized snow flakes fall. *hahah*
The beach looks so lovely

~Have fun camping~