16 October 2011


I try to save this blog for happy and non-political stuff..

But I can't help mention this oil situation again.

The ship has leaked 350 TONNES into the ocean and there is apparently 700 TONNES more on board. 

As it is heading for Summer the usual pasttime of us NZers is seriously affected in this area of the land. 
And that is a selfish way to look at it..
1000+ birds washed ashore that have died and loads more rescued. As it is Springtime this impacts on their populations.. if they don't die and leave their babies to die, they'll take oil back to the nest and they'll all die anyway.

And then there's the fish and marine life..
And then there's the shellfish..
And the other pollution from the ship's containers...
It goes on.

But we can't have it both ways.
We are an oil-dependent society. WAY TOO MUCH!
A situation like this never occured from a solar panel or a wind turbine.

Rant over.
But it's depressing ain't it?!


Misfits Vintage said...

I am 100% with you on this - it's heart breakingly sad what happens to the animals and environment - and in our part of the world where we have so much sun and wind, why on earth are we not concentrating all of energies toward these sustainable alternatives?

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree, it's such a crime and of course no one will be held responsible.

one denim bird said...

I am really saddened by this too, I used to live a block away from Omanu Beach and walk there every morning :(

I wholeheartedly agree, this so could have been avoided. On a lighter note: Go the mighty All Blacks :)

owlinalarkworld said...

The Rena situation is very upsetting.

Regula said...

This again is a very sad situation. I'm glad we got rid of our fuel heating years ago (we have a wood heating we feed with wood from around a mile). But still, there is the car.
Forthermore I think, because the oil has to be cheap, transport has to be cheap. (everybody depends on it), Therefore the ships aren't in good shape. That's why they break.
Here around you can see more and more solar panells. They have increased since Fukujima. Our neighbour for instance procuces as much elecrical power as he needs. And he has a wood heating too, and feeds it with wood form his own forest.

Vix said...

It's awful and so sad. I hate seeing footage of the poor sea birds coated in oil and fish washed ashore.
Over here the nimby's (not in my backyards) moan about wind turbines and solar panels lowering their house prices but faced with a catastrophe like this I'd rather loose a few thousand quid. x

lasophia said...

Booo. This is so sad. My friend went to volunteer in Mexico at this animal reservation where she would wash birds off with soap, so sad.