12 October 2011


I bet you thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth!

I've just been buried under piles of stuff like this..

there are quite a few treasures in here.. but MAN it's a busy job sorting through!
And of course it's dependent on weather and kids and all that...

And I have just realised that all the kids' clothes are the wrong season. Where are all the boys' shorts??? Summer is really on its way.
Three very Summery and very cool dresses I found in the loft stuff .. Phew got them just in time! Next year would have been too late for Iris! My Mum made all of these, and my sisters and I wore them all at one time or another..

Marine disaster going on here in NZ. A dirty great oil leak spoiling some of our popular beaches. Very tragic.

It seems that the support for the All Blacks is going a bit far - when the beaches are painted black. (bad Rugby World Cup joke)
It is very heartbreaking to know about that nasty toxicity floating our way. And just in time for summer too.

School holidays are happnin' right now too. 2 weeks of NOT having to make the lunches and be out the door at any particular time.

Joe's bike pikelet. That boy loves school holidays!

Lego City around here! Love it!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Yay your alive! Your so lucky to still have those clothes. That is a lot to sort through. Good luck getting through it.

Vix said...

Hooray! Always nice to see you pop up in Google Reader! Your washing line looks fab, as usual! x

Anonymous said...

Legos! My brother is 35 and STILL plays with them lol. Those dresses are so pretty. I bet it's like a treasure hunt going through those boxes and bags.

Mum said...

I love all your colourful dresses. They bring a touch of summer back to this part of the world. I love Lego, too and pinktutu72 I'm much older than 35. It's wonderful play material.
Love from Mum

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh my those little outfits are too sweet! Iris is gonna be one stylin little lady.

I hope they get that oil cleaned up a well as they can. That kind of news is always horrible to hear about.

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh those gorgeous little summer frocks are gorgeous - the fabrics are divine!

Sarah xxx

Helga! said...

How spec to have frocks handed down!!
This oil thing is really upsetting,and worse is how frigging Dan Carter gets more press than this awful disaster-WTF is wrong with this country?