31 July 2011


Hello Bloggers!!

We have moved.

It has been a busy 2 weeks of school holiday, and moving our lives from one house to another.

And our internet access just got sorted out today! Yay!

That's a strange pic taken by my son of me, my green cardy
and a green shirt I was hanging in a closet! I kinda like it!


It still is, actually!!
Don't ever let me see another box in my life.

Amongst it all, Iris turned 2. 

That was a nice breather from unpacking boxes!

One of the stranger things I uncovered...(I found SO MUCH stuff that I had forgotten I owned - and it hasn't  finished yet!) This was a sign from our wedding day!
And don't you love the view from our deck!

Lucky us...

Hope you're all happy and well out there in Blogland!


Nelly said...

Nothing like the adventure of moving into a new home.Do you think an dhope it will be your forever home?Id love to have a forever home.I love the sign for your wedding you should have it hung somewhere

lasophia said...

How cute! The kids and that wedding sign. Good to hear from you again.

Max said...

Welcome back, we missed you!
Ah, there is nothing sweeter than a little girls tea party; except maybe that green view!

Vix said...

Lovely to have you back! I love that punch sign, if I had that in our garden we'd have a load of winos awaiting a drink.
Love the birthday pictures, what beautiful kids you have. x

Mum said...

Happy New Home.
Love from Mum

Helga! said...

O,well done,darl! What a mission!
You and your family must be so happy to be mostly settled!
And a birthday besides! Gorgeous!

Lovelain94 said...

I'm just about to move house, its such a massive mission you never think the boxes will be gone hehe xx

Brians an unusual name for a girl said...

Heiheihei, I am in the midst of packing moving madness as well. Lamenting the bags of fabric in the spare room, trying to get rid of things-losing that battle. Looking at a tableful of crockery (meakin and Fiesta) thinking gosh do I really need all those plates gorgeous though they are. I haven't even started on the bedroom yet....urgahhhh
HB to your girl and hows the hokohoko trawling?