20 March 2011


So I set up this blog.. finally. Friends and family thought I might like being a blogmeister so after looking at and reading LOADS of other amazing and wonderful blogs I think I'm ready!!

I set up this site, and for some reason couldn't access it.. so I set up Op Shopping Mama instead.. And I've now worked this one out so I will consider the other one a practice!!

Always op shopping.. These are last weeks new lovelinesses! What joy and bliss...

 Exquisite little plastic tea set. A lot older than any I've seen and 
it all came in a cute little basket. $2.50.
 I have a bit of a thing about plastic basketry. We used to go with Mum when we were kids when she taught the residents at 'Old Folks' Homes' (as we called them) to make these kind of baskets. I find some really cute little ones like this intended for kids, but some others are plain kitsch. And I LOVE them!!
 Water jug for the table.. to fill up with water from our new filter tap!! 

I can't leave kitsch little creatures like these behind!! 

A fab shabby chic quilt for Iris. $5. Yes that's right- $5 and terrific condition!

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