27 March 2011

Before and After

This is inspired by THRIFT CORE .. decluttering, organising, labelling.. I need to do that more often!! At THRIFT CORE the lovely blogger there tries to have Organization Thursdays.. well for me it's whenever I get a moment! And that is not really that often..

SO this is, embarrassingly, the BEFORE view..
That is terrible!! We couldn't even shut the door without a fight. This is actually after I'd started the great avalanche - pulling everything out and starting over..

So AFTER is a relief.. I turfed out my least favourite /excess linen, and I tried storing the towels and sheets rolled instead of piled up. I think this is going to be a winner for us. I even went through the boxes of medical stuff that was in there and sorted that out.. phew!
Pat on back for me. Pat Pat. 

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