1 May 2014

Recent Scenes, A few Finds and Frock on a Friday

Easter scenes from our place...

Homemade like a boss. 

Newest wool blanket - I am in love with this one!!
FINALLY the weather has chilled a bit - and the wool blankets have made their way onto the beds!
So yeah - I've been concentrating on de-cluttering lately.. Our garage was floor to ceiling with STUFF from our move (3 years ago!!) that was n our loft and our shed at the other house. It had just sat in the garage till now! Time to reclaim the garage!
Epic garage sale coming up in a week's time.

SO I haven't been accumulating much lately. It would defeat the purpose! 

However, we went down to Taranaki last week for a holiday, and I got just a few things. It would have been rude to not have gone op shopping down there!

50c shirt and John found a Deane workwear shirt (one of his fav brands)

The kids are loving this Crown Lynn mug.

LOVE this aladdin thermos. 
To add to my huge collection of these.

Actually I found this in Hamilton quite a while ago for $4.

Taranaki Nana dress and the sheets down there are CHEAP!! I was very restrained as I have so many it's ridiculous. But if you need some - go down to New PLymouth!!!!  Loads, and cheap cheap cheap.

6 months. Dress was op shopped about 6 weeks ago.. I think it might be an actual preggy one as it's so comfy.
Old man's cardy op shopped maybe 20 years ago (LOL!) and worn relentlessly ever since! 

Happy Days! 

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Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You're positively blooming luv! 6 mths already? Blimey! Be well xx

Sue W @ Living the Good Life said...

You're positively blooming luv! 6 mths already? Blimey! Be well xx

pastcaring said...

A six month bump? My goodness, the time is flying, that baby will be here soon! Better get a wriggle on with sorting the garage then!
Love the mug (my eldest has been learning the sign alphabet so she would adore it) and I am envious of your vintage sheet - if only I was there, I'd snap up a load for sewing purposes.
Look after yourself, Linda! xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I LOVE that last pic of you....you look like a supermodel! Beautiful! I haven't been to New Plymouth, I'd love to visit. Paul's sister lives in Onehunga, so we stay there each year when we visit NZ. Cool blanket. Xx

Sue said...

Oh Linda you look positively radiant! Pregnancy suits you. And look at how long your hair has got!! Will be funny having a garage sale rather than going to them, I wish you well with that and that you get rid of plenty of stuff and make loads of lovely jublly cash to buy more precious things. Take care.

Mum said...

You are looking beautiful. 6 months suits you.
Love from Mum

Jess B said...

You are looking absolutely fabulous! Being pregnant obviously agrees with you. xx

Brooke F said...

You are looking gorgeous! Blooming gorgeous! XXX

Vix said...

6 months? Where's the time going! looking gorgeous! x